How to travel by train?

Europe has a great train network that allows you to visit events on your way to and from the conference 🥳

Here is a map of some of the fast rail connections towards Zürich.

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Sleeper train

Go to sleep in one city and wake up in Zürich? Have a look at ÖBB nightjet (not sponsored).

See the map of their network to see the where you could hop on.

Train Operators during the day

These train operators offer fast international connections

  • ÖBB for Hungary and Austria
  • SNCF for Spain, England and France
  • DB for Belgum, Netherlands and Germany
  • interrail for all countries

Interrail is a great tip especially if you make a detour and visit friends along the way.

Below we collect all the meetups happening before and after RustFest.

If you would like to submit your own event, please edit this file and send us a Pull or Merge Request.

Pre Events

Zürich, Switzerland2024-04-28 19:00This is a demo even 🦀

Post Events

Zürich, Switzerland2024-07-14 18:30RustFest Decompression Zürich - date not fixed yet