Targets Acquired: Rust builds for everyone, courtesy of GitHub Actions

Targets Acquired: Rust builds for everyone, courtesy of GitHub Actions

Speaker: Bernd Kaiser


Rust, with its ability to compile directly into native binaries, leverages LLVM to achieve remarkable efficiency across diverse computing environments. However, the wide range of architectures and operating systems presents a significant challenge: ensuring that Rust applications run smoothly on all platforms.

“Targets Acquired: Rust builds for everyone, courtesy of GitHub Actions” provides a comprehensive look at the process of cross-compiling Rust applications for a range of platforms. Our presentation begins with an examination of Rust’s compilation capabilities, highlighting the extensive range of targets supported by the language. We delve into the intricacies of Rust’s target support guarantees, providing a clearer understanding of what developers can expect when compiling for different environments.

Moving to the heart of our discussion, we will demonstrate how GitHub Actions, combined with the cross-compilation tool Cross, can streamline the build process. Attendees will be guided through a detailed, step-by-step example of how these tools can be used to facilitate the automated compilation of Rust projects for many desired targets.

In addition, our talk will cover an often neglected but crucial aspect of Rust development: incorporating non-Rust native dependencies into your projects. We’ll use practical examples to illustrate the process of integrating these external components into the final binary, ensuring a seamless build experience.


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