Ferris wins a Folkrace!

Ferris wins a Folkrace!

Speaker: Massimiliano Mantione


Rust shines in embedded systems! As a hobby I often participate in robotic competitions, and I always use Rust to implement the robots’ software.

One of the last robots I built is a small autonomous car that ultimately won a “folkrace” competition: a contest where up to five vehicles race together inside a closed track, where they must be able to avoid opponents and obstacles while completing laps as fast as possible, like in an actual car race.

In this talk I will explain how I designed the car, from hardware to software, and all the independent functions that the software must perform, from driving to telemetry, including a rich embedded configuration and diagnostic user interface. I will explain how Rust helped immensely in the process, to the point that writing the same software without Rust would have been much harder.


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