Our schedule for the Talks is live.


Day 1 - Fri, 21 Jun 2024

08:10Registration open & Coffee (CLA glass hall, D floor)
09:00Welcome by Rust Bard Andre Bogus
09:15Ferris wins a Folkrace! Massimiliano Mantione
10:05Snack break
10:30PSA: You too can pack structs Nicola Papale
11:05Laptop switch
11:10When to (not) use typestate Matthias Farnbauer-Schmidt
12:00Lunch announcment
12:05Lunch break
13:35Switching from C++ to RUST (from embedded devices perspective) Milica Kostic
14:10Laptop switch
14:15How to build a Linux Kernel Module in Rust? A brief introduction. Simon Brummer
15:05Snack break
15:30Interactive Exploration of Nonlinear Ray Casting with Rust and wgpu Niklas Korz
16:05Laptop switch
16:10Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) in Rust: unknown parts Aliaksandr Zaitsau
18:25Closing the first day

Day 2 - Sat, 22 Jun 2024

08:20Registration open & Coffee
09:00Welcome by Rust Bard Andre Bogus
09:15Using Rust for Playing Soccer With Robots at RoboCup Hendrik Sieck
10:05Snack Break
10:30Developing a computer algebra system in Rust Ben Ruijl
11:20Laptop switch
11:25Miri: checking your unsafe code for Undefined Behavior Ralf Jung
12:00Laptop switch
12:05High performance code and the cost of safe code Luca Versari
12:40Lunch announcment
12:45Lunch break
14:15Modern Game Development using the Bevy Engine Jan Hohenheim
15:05Laptop switch
15:10Lightning talks
15:45Snack Break
16:10Beyond Memory Safety Vytautas Astrauskas
17:00Laptop switch
17:05Towards Zero-Copy Binary (De)Serialisation: TypeScript <-> Rust Alberto Schiabel
17:55Laptop switch
18:00Closing Words
18:15Closing the second day